Thursday, October 04, 2007

History of psychiatry (part 1)

When you study psychiatry you got to pay attention to names of scientists, and to what they do in history for the development of is very common to be asked in examinations of iraqi and arabic board of psychiatry and also for MRCPsych for their names and for their works...these days am getting rid of my old note papers and am trying to keep the most important ones here in the blog...

Benjamin Rush

Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745 - 1813)Dr. Benjamin Rush, "the Father of American Psychiatry," was one of the most eminent physicians and authors of his day. As was the case with many of his fellow physicians, Dr. Rush was also a civic leader.

Dr. Rush developed the tranquilizing chair.

Dr. Rush was a member of the Continental Congress from July 20, 1776, to February, 1777, and he signed the Declaration of Independence.

Dr. Rush also was a pioneer in the yet-to-be established field of occupational therapy, regularly encouraging patients to sew, garden, listen to music or exercise during the day.
His classic work, Observations and Inquiries Upon the Diseases of the Mind (1812), was the first psychiatric text book printed in the United States

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saminkie said...

he also coined the term tristimania