Sunday, February 08, 2015

Timely Rambling

Are you happy?

Seems an easy question. Isn't it.

Well try to answer it. 

You think you don't have enough time?

If that is the case then I think you are not happy, my friend. 

It was yesterday when I heard something about the relation between happiness and slowness. I forgot where that was and what it was exactly but the idea was that if you can master yourself to be slow in your daily actions you will find happiness. I think I read that from a newspaper.

Happiness is difficult to define. Even if we look at its more basic description: pleasure, we will find some difficulty defining it. Like water, we will end by defining it as: water!

To define pleasure it might be easier to define it in simpler organisms, like bacteria, than defining it in human beings. When the bacteria finds an environment supporting its survival, for example with favorable nutrients, and favorable pH and temperature, it will try to stay in that environment, and it will try to avoid any change. It is happy. It has found its pleasurable milieu. It is balanced. No threats, to life, or in another word, no pain.

That is it for today's rambling. The idea was to just to post those photos and to write something.