Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Freedom with Brooms

Books unfinished, plants unwatered, clothes unwashed, the house was left for a hopeful return. Friends weren't goodbyed for the plane ticket was two-way.

Half a year already passed and no plant had been watered yet, nor book being touched.

Not long after the departure, alcohol sellers were attacked in the same land that fermented barley into beer for the first time in history, Babylon festival which deals with folklore was cancelled because it contain music, songs, and dances, things that are "not accepted by people of Babylon" they have said, then Baghdad's Fine Art Institute threatened to lose its statues, and its music department to be cancelled.

Tunisia came to the news scene suddenly then Egypt took the lead.

A new Iraqi facebook group that deals with the deteriorating Baghdad services in a very funny way had started before a day or two, they concentrate the jokes and comments around Sabir Al Eesawi, the governor of Baghdad since long. The group is in Arabic and its title might be translated to: "The Nexus of Saber Al-Eesawi Lovers…. from one side".
After a good deal of laughing on the jokes and comments the following words came to the notice:

"Members of Iraqi youth will hurl tomorrow morning, the Friday, at 10 a.m., in groups, from Al Mutanabbee street toward Al Tahrir (Freedom) square. They will be carrying brooms and plastic bags to clean the centre of Baghdad".

How much I wish that I got a witch broom to fly tonight to Al Mutanabbee street.

The song is "We Weren't Born To Follow" by Bon Jovi