Saturday, February 02, 2008


Farha means a moment of happiness. It can be used as a name of female. I named this girl in the photo as Farha. Farha got a big smile. Shining face. Joyful hair. Green clothes. She seems living more on earth than me. I lived most of life on 2nd floors. I work in 2nd floors. Even when I walk I put a shoe, cause earth in my city is full of industrial waste products. Farha is free to run barefoot in her land which is full of god made creatures. Her laughter is louder than mine. Her teeth are whiter. Her legs are stronger. Her jump is higher. Farha is more real. Farha is living more than me. I put her above my study .Above all books. Hoping that one day I would be free to run barefoot in Farha’s land.