Wednesday, October 17, 2007

nonclinical paranoia

It is said in the arabic literature that suspeciousness is a sign of cleverness (in arabic it got a rhyme: sou2 il thun...min husn il fi tun), and I have seen many normal people, most of them are clever, who are suspecious, actually some of the best psychiatrist I've seen in my life are so suspicious...actuallyI think the scientific mind may be highly suspecious...but social suspeciousness is really sometimes unhealthy and bad...before days I have read an article talking about the nonclinical suspeciousness (suspeciousness is called Paranoia in psychiatry)...and this is a summary of it:

Six questionaire assessments were completed by 1202 individuals using the internet. Paranoid thoughts occurred in approximately a third of the group.

Normal people were assessed for the not only paranoia for other things using many questinnaires, paranoia scale was used to assess paranoia, with it coping style questionnaire was used also which ask people how they would react to worries (they were given a list of paraoid worries) and 4 types of coping styles were identified, 2 adaptive styles (the rational coping and the detached coping styles) and 2 maladaptive coping styls (the emotional and avoidance coping styles).
Higher levels of paranoia were associated with emotional and avoidant coping, & less use of rational and detached coping.
Also high levels of paranoia were associated with negative attitude to emotional expression, submissive behaviours and lower social rank all assessed by scales.
Suspiciousness is common and there may be a hierarchial arrangement of such thoughts that builds on common emotional concerns.

In psychiatry the term paranoia is an old term, now it is used for referring to a type of schizophrenia were the suspeciousness is way far from normal..hear the story of this man who came before somedays to the hospital very aggitated (offcourse he did not come be himself, his 4 brothers bring him by force)..he was aggressive against his neighbours saying that they are abusing him, when I asked him what did they do to him he start to talk fast with a loud voice and all his body was moving while he told me this story: Mr. A and Mr B (he gave me their actual names and they are his neighbors as I knew later) were travelling around the world holding a syring, they went to the Soviet union, South Africa, France, England and many other countries holding their syring and gathering women from all these countries and taking some fluids from there genital areas (actually he said it in slang Iraqi language with means the vulva) and when they got enough of that fluid they came to me to inject me with that so that I get hypnotised then they cut my penis (he said it in Iraqi slang language) and take it to Israel to make some whitchcraft there...

At that point I was to ask him whether they want his thing to make witchcraft on it, or by it...but I guessed that that won't change my diagnosis of paranoid delusion and it may only let him tell me other details that may make me smile or laugh (these kind of patients are very sensitive to your facial expression which may make them loose their confidence in you), so I decided that what I heard is enough to give him a diagnosis of paranoid delusion...and start antipsychotic while the patient is admitted... He will gain his insight soon I hope...and that will give me and his family and himself the real big smile....


Anonymous said...

Wow, Dr. El Bedri, what a sad, yet very interesting story...and that, i am certian, is just the short version. i hope the medication will be of help to him (and that he will take it voluntarily) and that as you said, he and you all will have a "real" big :-) very soon. i too am v e r y sensitive to the expression on people's faces...hum.....

by the way, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're NOT all out to get you :)

Be happy, t.

saminkie said...

dear Tracy, paranoid schizophrenia has a very good prognosis, with no deterioration in personality....I know many people in many good professions who were at some time diagnosed as having a paranoid psychosis....(when it is less than 6 months it is not called schizophrenia)...actually he is very bettre now..but we lost contact with him as always occur with other patients..when they feel they can handle it at home..they go and we never hear about them till if a next episode occur...(hope he will don't have a next episode)...take care and thank you for your nice comments..