Monday, October 08, 2007


since i was an adolescent and i make some judgment on people by ovserving the way the talk or they act...i remember many argument with my dad about someone who said father usually take the words and what they mean...and i usually take how that person say it and how his body acted while he/she say that...and we argue and argue with the final result that am a very complex person as my father said..and my dad is very simple as i i get older...i knew that my father had some right...we got to make our actions with people regarding what they words not in body language...cause verbal communication got clear meaning..more clear than the body language...and also..if someone ask us why we made that decision regarding someone, it is not acceptable to say that we did that because he put his hand on his nose when he said that and that means he was would be really unacceptable...we got to stuck to words...yeah..but still body language can help...

I was reading in the behavioral sciences pretest when this question came:

What is the kind of communication with the greatest impact on a message?
a. verbal
b. vocal
c. intonation
d. facial
e. eye contact

verbal (7%)….vocal (38%)…..and facial (55%)….than answer was (d) facial

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