Monday, July 30, 2007

When Whitecoats Rest

When whitecoats rest
they stay standing
they stay near the book
stand silently
so that the tirdness
goes to the ground
by the effect of gravity

When the whitecoats hide in closet
they tell secrets
of people's houses

When whitecoats sleep
they forget about medecine
they dream about being a professional dancer


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Dr, Sami, I really don't know what else to say...what a lovely thought about what "white coates" and their owners do when all alone....nice. I am very sad this thought helped me. tracy

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Sami,

I love this...don't know what else to creative you are...!

Take best if care always, tracy

3eeraqimedic said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sami,

Its so wonderful to know a person like you. Wish I could know you personally more. So beautifully you have narrated the good and bad of white coats..
Your well wisher... komal from india

saminkie said...

Thank you very much 3eeraqimedic, Tracy and Komal for the nice words you say and for the encouragement... It is because of you I keep writing...thanks

willbdone said...

Writing is a wonderful outlet, is it not?

I wonder if you could comment sometime on how people in Iraq generally view mental illness. Do people look at it as a biological probem or a spiritual problem? Does family typically support their loved one through the illness? Is there support for the family as they find ways of coping with their loved ones illness?

In my country, we have quite a stigma that surrounds being mentally ill that keeps many people from seeking treatment. Families as well as the mentally ill person have good resources where they can find support and encouragement through the difficult times. Groups like NAMI and others. I wonder if there is a movement like this in your country? Do most people find their way on their own with the support of their community or do they keep the experience with their illness private? Lots of

saminkie said...

dear willbdone,
in our country they still don't visit the psuchiatrist first when they have a psychological problem, they visit the traditional healers first, and some traditional healers treat by hitting the patient with a stick so that the spirits possessing him go out of his or her body...
thank you for your care

The Peanut Gallery said...

Your blog is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life as a psychiatrist and an Iraqi with us.

willbdone said...

Thank you Saminkie for your response. It sounds like an up hill battle and a difficult road to travel for both the patient and the patients family....Not to mention the doctor who finally gets the very sick patient to treat.

And regarding those whitecoats...

There are whitecoats hanging in my closet. I am the one who keeps them laundered and wrinkle-free. After reading your poem, I don't think I will look at them quite the same...I will have to remember to dance with them more often to keep their dream alive ;)