Monday, July 30, 2007

Shared Maniac Delusion

Delusions change in their content from time to time and from culture to another. These days I have found a new common delusion between Iraqi patients with bipolar disorder, a disorder where the patient have episodes of mania and depression. In their manic episode many patients state that they can fix all Iraqi problems.
I start to screen for mania by asking this question of: do you believe you can fix all Iraqi problems? as a screen for grandiose delusion.
One of the diagnosed patients with mania say: Its very easy man, just give me a huge container of petrol and I will put it in Baghdad's centre and all people can come and take all the petrol they need and thats all...
Another said: just give me a little piece of land in Baghdad with green grass to built my tent on it and then I will fix it all..

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