Friday, July 06, 2007

Sorry Saad My Friend

These days iraqi people regard happiness as a wrongdoing I think, you feel happy for a while and maybe remorse or guilt for that feeling on the next days... I think we used to live in sadness...that was what happened to me when saw SAAD my freind holding flowers and smiling widely to me that morning before about 4 months in Valentine Day...I was feeling angry at him cause he's happy I think....I told him with cold blood that there is no reason for me share him the little party (of drinking tea) in the valentine day....he insisted...i went to drink tea but i tried to made fun of him with the other freinds invited to the tea i live away from Saad....I miss him too much...and am deeply sorry for him cause I acted that way with him....

I took his agreement to publish his pictures of that day with flowers
...and i wanna say to him:" Saad you are one of the rare healthy wonderful nice strong people living in Iraq these days....keep smiling....I learned many things from are really special"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Sami,

I really liked this post...I wish I too could be like Saad, someone who seems to find joy inspite of everything. Thank you for the story and pictures, tracy