Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deja vu for deja vus

A colleague told me once that in one of the Iraqi board exams a question was difficult and it says: (Discuss the statement: “A delusion is a delusion even if proved to be true”). This phrase was taken from Fish’s psychopathology if I was not wrong. I am not writing here to discuss this statement but I am writing since I am much hurt by the misunderstanding that veils psychiatry.

The film starts with his waking up from a dream in which he sees a crime: “two men fighting on the beach of Deauville till death while a third man watching.” He wakes up and goes to the bathroom. He is frightened to see a beautiful lady walking around in his flat. She comes near him, gives him a kiss, and then goes away disappearing while he hold his face in what seems to be a gesture caused by much sufferance.

Soon we will know that he is a heavy smoker. He drinks a cigarette like a thirsty camel drinks water. He smokes in his car while riding his car to his working place. We see the city of Deauville. He reaches his working site: “a police station”. His colleague says to him: “Jack why you come so early? If I am in your place I would stay asleep.” And Jack answers: “you are not in my place.”

We soon know that this police man is having mental problems and he is on medications. He was admitted to a psychiatric ward but the next day he stole the computer case of the patient’s files and fled. There are files in that case that helped him solving the problem of the crime he had dreamt of. The crime that he had dreamt of at the start of the film seemed to be really happened. Days after the dream a woman came to him and asked for his help to solve the crime.

I have seen this much. The mental patient is again pictured as having some wisdom that normal people doesn’t have. He can anticipate the future in a dream. Deja vu is such a fertile soil for mythical thinking to keep going round and around. While psychotropic drugs didn’t help him, cigarette helped him a lot to concentrate and think better. Nobody understand his wisdom. I got a geja vu for these deja vus.

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