Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free Association (Part 1/2013)

Yesterday I had some free time at the evening and I decided to watch that French film DVD "Un Ete Brulant" (=a hot summer". As usually in front of almost all French films I was taken by the music and the photography and the way of direction. But the story was so silly. I knew that the story was so silly after it ended. There is nothing. What surprised me that one of the characters who doesn't have a work was supposed to be a communist. We know that almost at the end of the film. I remembered how once I was talking to a man in a bus and he told me that the Iraqi communists are contradictory if we compare the way they live with the ideas that are supposed that they held.

In bus I have my best conversations. At another time I sat next to man who told me about that German theatrical play that occurred in Baghdad before months in which a woman takes off her clothes. The German theatrical play was criticized severely and caused some problems. The play was supposed to be part of "Baghdad The Capital of Arabic Culture in 2013".

Baghdad was chosen to be the capital of Arabic culture in 2013 but that sounds so silly. We don't have electricity men! What culture? There are again many acts of violence that the media started to get sick off and ignore since Syria and Istanbul takes the hot scene.

I have an exam in French language tomorrow but I didn't know what to read and review so I opened that theatrical piece of Sartre "Les Mains Sales" and started reading. There are again communists that are in-understandable. I remembered once saying once about Iraqi communist that they hold umbrellas when it rains in Moscow. Contradictory.

Is my care to read French theatrical pieces and watch French films and discuss literature in buses in nowadays Baghdad seem contradictory? Should I focus on the here and now more than shattering my efforts on such things?

 In the 2nd World War and Spanish civil war Juan Miro started drawing things from the space. Planets. Surrealism they called it or Dadaism Miro didn't care much.    

What I don't like is that paintings have prices. Hemingway bought one of Miro's paintings. Was he trying to support him financially? I don't know but I like to know that Hemingway's wife donated that painting to a museum.

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