Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Association (4 Jun 2013)

It is 1:29 p.m. and my French exam is at 3:00 p.m. and I am just waiting for the time. Yesterday I read something interesting about the necessity of being active and having healthy habits. About how lethargy and fatigue can be a way of living and how it is important to combat depression by activating the self. I remembered Regis Debray diaries written from the prison in South America and that phrase that says that all human misfortunes are caused from being unable to combat boredom when we are alone in our room.

Yes, boredom when we are alone in our room. I understand that so well. Yesterday I read Russell. I liked him so much in that magnificent  book "The Conquest for Happiness". He first warned me from being self-absorbed in my room. From bad habits and lethargy.

I started after that reviewing some French lessons and stopped for a while in that text and audio about "La gastronomie francaise" and decided that I should try to make that "Aubergine a la provenciale". I went out and found all the ingredients and went back home feeling hungry.

The kitchen became full of smoke because I let the olive oil on fire longer than it should be because preparing the eggplants and flour took me some time. At last the result was good.

I went to sleep early but that tooth-ache started again. I plunged down to the dreaming level but tooth-ache accompanied me. I woke up in the morning anxious.

At work I had some boring paper work in that room where two colleagues were killing time by a conversation that goes hot sometimes. One of them, the religious one, was shifting the conversation to a psychiatric issue from now and then as if to make me involved. Both are not psychiatrists but the religious one started to talk about the dose of Flouxetine and how psychiatrists use it at the dose of 60 mg given 3 times per day.

I didn't give an eye-contact. Psychiatry was mentioned again and I was as silent as a stone. Alone as an owl. I like owls. Now let Russell solve this.

I was writing this while listening to this:


tracy said...

"......silent as a stone. Alone as an owl." So sad.

Also, i liked the song. What is it about. It sounds lonely too.

I'm sorry...however, that's how i feel too......

tracy said...

Hello my Friend Sami,

Happy Eid el-Fitr!

saminkie said...

Hello Tracy you are so kind my friend. Please email me at I have not find your email. Stay safe and keep in touch.