Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Between Biyouna and Fanon, I ate Sardine

Yesterday I took lunch again in that restaurant which seemed to be attained only by manual workers. I bought a can of sardine and yogurt and ate them with the sauce of potato and rice. Celery and onion was added too. I was so hungry. It was about 3:00 p.m. 

At the lodging I had access finally at TV5 and, to my surprise, the first thing to watch was Biyouna    acting in another funny movie. She is a typical Algerian woman. In a scene that made me laugh she asked the mirror: "Mirror, my mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful woman in the world." And at the bakery she asked the man if he is married or not, and when he answered "Yes", she commented: "You missed something". She always makes me laugh this Algerian.

A French woman was frightened that her daughter was in love with the niece of Biyouna, an Arabic Muslim. That French mother was writing her autobiography with all the details. I liked her too. And liked the cross hanging in her necklace.

Today I woke up early and in the bus to work I held article about the life of Frantz Fanon and read about his modifications of psychiatric diagnostic and treatment methods so that they become suitable to the Algerians living in Algeria during the French occupation. He wanted to make the pictures of Thematic Appereception Test and modify them so that he draws them wearing Algerian clothes with Algerian faces. He also removed the Christian symbols and quotations from the walls of the psychiatric hospital of Blida/Algeria. I couldn't but tell the man sitting next to me about what I read. He told me that this was great.

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