Saturday, October 01, 2011

Just another morning in Bou Saada

Good Morning. It is a new morning. Come with me in a walk in Bou Saada. I offer you an Espresso with Croissant. Wait, what is this? He did it! We adviced him not to cut this painting but he kept saying that he liked the face of the old man, and the rest of the painting was a failure. Anyway.

Look at this side; this is where he puts his colors, papers, and almost everything. I like this shelf particularly because it is chaotically beautiful. I don't like orders you know.

Let me shot the door please, it is an iron door as you see and it makes noise in the morning. I don't like it. Anyway. Our street is still unpaved. This quarter is relatively new in Bou Saada. It started in the 80s. Few houses separated by empty spaces. Now, it is crowded. And noisy. Many cars. I hate cars. Anyway.

You see that mountain in front of us? That is called mountain Iz-El-Deen. Iz-El-Deen can be a name of a person. Literally it means: "The Glory of Religion"! Sounds strange maybe to you. Religion is present vividly in our daily life here. In my last trip to the capital, we were speaking of Prophet Mohammed in the taxi that took us from Bou Saada. I a bus in central Alger, the capital, a young man next to me started talking to me comparing Mohammed and Jesus. He seemed to me an Evangelist. In the taxi that was taking me back to Bou Saada a man started telling us about the detailed life of Moses. We are exaggerating? May be you can say that we exaggerate in everything. Who are we? That is beyond my.... my... anyway.

Let us go just few meters to the right to buy journals and then head up to the café. I like El-Watan cartoons. I like to read any French journal. I am practicing you know. I'm thinking about getting a degree in languages, or literature. French language maybe, or Spanish. I am teaching English these days you know, and a student told me last Friday that she had saw me before in the Iraqi T.V. channel. Being Iraqi is a privilege here. Well, to a degree, I mean. I asked her what I was doing in the T.V. and she said that I was wearing a yellow T-Shirt and trousers. Her friend asked her: really? You saw him? She answered: yes, I saw him.

Look at the colors of our females' dresses. Anyway.

I come to this café when I want to see people cause it is near the garage where taxis take you to the surrounding villages. Another bigger garage that lies far from here is specialized to taxis which can take you to other governorates and big cities. This garage is for villages.

Yeah I know the coffee is little strong. Little bitter. Anyway.


tracy said...

i love those beautiful dresses. Yes, being female, that is what i would notice!

Many warm greetings to you, my Sadeek.

Kindest Regards,

saminkie said...

Hi Tracy. I am happy that you liked those dresses :) Thank you for your nice words my Sadeeka.

Warm greetings to you dear Tracy.