Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mille Feuilles et une Feuille

Thirsday. No work. Just another day. To spend. To spend? To the left my friend. What for? For buying journals. You forgot that? El-Watan, and… where is Le Soir D'Algerie? Didn't come yet? Okay let us take…. mmmm… Liberte… To the café my friend… and here is a new mille feuilles…. And your Espresso… and three L&M cigarettes.

You eat by big bites as if time is running out of you. You know that your time is a Saharian one these days. Lessons of patience are giving to you while you have some right loin pain. Hmmm? Are you enjoying that? I am a little astonished by your anarchic way of learning French. You seem to take learning new things as fighting. As if you are fighting. A son of rat becomes a digger! Why you are looking at me like that? Do you want to speak. Speak!

No I don't want to speak but I found your proverb strange. A rat and a digger!! Here look at those cartoons. Astonishing. Algerian journals got talented cartoonists. That was a discovery for me you know. We don't use to have good cartoonists in our area of the world. They express themselves cleverly. Not like you! A rat and a digger! Huh!


Anonymous said...

هلو سامي
كيف الحال
مقالات جميلة ... فيها روتين وحزن
ولكني من بين السطور أُحسك مرتاحاً أكثر من ايام العراق ربما لان الله قرَّ عينيك برؤية الأهل

م. الحلاوي السمين
"perfection complex"

saminkie said...

يكفي ان تكون حلاوياً لكي احبك، فكيف اذا كنت بالاضافة الى ذلك تملك الجرأة لوصف نفسك بشيء من السخرية. ان في ذلك، لعمري، شهادة على سلامتك النفسية. شكرا لكلماتك الجميلة التي جعلتني ابتسم في هذا الصباح. تحياتي