Friday, October 07, 2011

A Peaceful Friday Morning in Bou Saada

Is it already a month since I have started giving English lessons? Since our first day I told them that this may not continue, and we are in a trial, that can succeed into more serious and regular paid lessons. Our verbal agreement include that each one of us is free to stop the lessons on his side. Few students dropped during the month, others new ones joined us, but I was attached the most to those who accompanied me from the first, to the last, lesson.

How are you? I asked. They answered in one voice: Fine thank you and you? One of them, who always makes jokes, and is the fastest to learn, added in Arabic: here you are giving us a lesson! Aissa (=Jesus), Raid (=pioneer), Aimen (=the right handed), and a relative of them joined me from our center to the nearby hill to take photos.

I headed to the center of the city where a couple of storks had made a nest above the telephone tower. The storks were not there. To the left there was the martyr's monument.

From between the two buildings of the municipality I found my way to an old café usually attended by old men. I like its peaceful slowness and calm and found it an opportunity to take photos, especially to old men, and to the machine of the Espresso that we don't have in Iraq.

Espresso Machine


Toka said...

I probably will fins out if I read all of your blogs, but ho did you end up in bou-saada??

saminkie said...

Hi Toka, I have some origins in Bou Saada, as I do have origins in Samara'a/Iraq. Belonging to two nations that I adore. Thank you Toka for your comments and care.

Laura said...

And do you like espresso, Sami? (We make it at home...I drink a latte almost everyday.) I know I'm commenting on another post, too, but the little red fish look delicious!

saminkie said...

Hi Laura, I like espresso alot, especially that it is a discovery for the Iraqi me. They call the delicious red fish here as: "Rougi" kind of Arabi-French.