Friday, October 21, 2011

Bou Saadi Last Moments

In my last days in Bou Saada, I started to spend some considerable time sitting on the bench of our door smoking.

The very last 24 hours I visited one of the oldest cafes in Bou Saada. I somtimes sit here and watch the stork couple who got their nest in the front tower (not shown in photos).

Pine tree aroma is now linked in my mind to Algeria since it was here that I mostly smelled it summer and winter, under sun and under rain.

Took a hair cut, put a headphone, and go Tracy Chapman.

Wondering what the clouds may offer from shapes. I didn't want to believe that they may offer a map of Iraq.

Contemplating one of my favourite dad's painting of the Espresso machine.

Dad came with me at dawn to the airport. My dad offered me my last Espresso drink. I took an Espresso maching with me to Iraq but the coffee beans' types are different from Algeria to Iraq. I failed to got that same flavour I used to love in Algeria.

Kissing goodbyes. Viva Turkish Airlines.


Laura said...

Fair skies to you wherever you roam Sami.

saminkie said...

Thanks Laura for your nice words which always make me feel better.

tracy said...

Your Dad came to see wonderful!

i am so happy for you!

And he is a very talented artist!

saminkie said...

Thank you dear Tracy my Sadeeka. He will be very happy to read this.