Monday, September 12, 2011

Elie Mitri's Hair Cut

Night is my preferred time in the 24 hours. From my space ship, or, in other more earthy term, from my bed, I watch some T.V. Then I join my theatre, my now more dimly litted bed, to play a scenic reading of some novels. Novels, finnished, and unfinnished, take the roles chaoticly, moodly. I read "Je t'Offrirai une Gazelle" of Malek Haddad once in Arabic, and twice in French. Yet, I sometimes read some of its lines again before I sleep. The novel is about an Algerian novelist and his manuscript of a novel that he refused to put his name on it. He said, trying to explain, that " the benefactors to dreams travel incognito".

As far as I can remember, no novel had entered into my dreams. Yet, I have dreamt before two days of a Lebanese singer named Sabah. I saw Sabah the day before the dream in the T.V. talking frankly about her life including the strange accedent of her brother killing her mother and her mother's lover. Anyway, in my dream, I was with Sabah in a trip somewhere in my Iraqi neighbourhood, in a place that kept being mysterious to me since it is covered by rich trees. Young lovers in our neighbourhood used to go to that site to meet. In the dream we discovered a secret site where Inas (an Iraqi actrice that played the role of Affifa Iskander in an Iraqi series) was hiding.

That dream passed away without much revelance to me. But yesterday's dream was funny. And because of it here I am writing to you.

I dreamt I was with some resident doctors I knew from Hilla in a balcony. Our enemy was on the other side of a river. It was night. It was me who dared to start shooting on them. I was very accurate and professional. That passed as if a scene from a video game. The balcony was empty, or almost empty few seconds after that. I went walking in a beautiful place which is unknown to me but it seemed to me, in the dream, that I was in this same place in an other old dream of mine, and I remembered that old dream while I was dreaming. Anyway, let us go to the funny scene.

The funny scene started when Elie Mitri came to fight a man he thought he can win. Another man joined the fight and Elie Mitri fell on the ground. The men kept fighting each other while Elie Mitri stood hardly. Bullets came from the side of the scene and passed through Elie Mitri's hair cutting it fastly and sharply. Stunned he came walking to me and said: "And here I got a new hair cut!". His hair was cut beautifully actually. That was very funny that I can still giggle when I remember it.


The Cowardly said...

One messed up dream, funny though.

tracy said...

Scary dream until it gets to the haircut! What a way to get styled!

Thanks Sami for sharing this.

Thinking of you,

saminkie said...

Hi Tracy I think about you too friend. Thanks for your words.

Toka said...

Hilarious, I tend to imagine things as I read!! Imagine this: Elie walking, approaching the camera with a lock of hair saying this is what happens when you use too much hair product!! Seriously you should pitch this for a marketing company as an add.
I just stumbled across your blog by accident and I'm officially a fan of your work.

saminkie said...

Hi Toka thanks for your nice words. Elie Mitre got easy access to our fantasies, cause he is cool. Glad to know about your blog. Thanks Toka.