Thursday, November 15, 2007

free association (part???)

I got one hour daily of internet these days....and it is from 5 p.m. til comes after my afternoon came to the internet with a blank mind....a blank mind again....the internet service is in the ward...the psychiatric i must expect that a new patient or an old one may be there waiting for me to see him and hear him/her.....this is why i came with my blank that the client (if present) can write, draw, or anything he likes at the blank board of my mind....all i do at first is just wait and listen...wait and to see what alll the writings and sounds and drawings of that client may my is a period of no much talking to me....but when there is no patient like patient want to talk....i came to my interent opoen window...from 5 to 6pm ...and a sea...that may be rainy?.....sometimes it is the good time for having a cigarette at this time....raising my dopamine...and lowering my sensory gate threshold...getting more disconnected from sounds in the ward....client walk in a special drag his feets...other walk fast with her high me take another cigarette and then continue....

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