Friday, November 16, 2007

free association (part 8) love and madness

do you think that love, i mean romantic love, can lead to madness? to a mental state disorder? for me..when i was in love...i felt exactly that am in an obsession....the idea is in my mind and i cannot get rid I really try to get rid of?? the patient who got obsessive compulsive disorder usually think about reapeating some actions or thoughts and many (maybe all) are egodystonic...that is to say is really upseting (the reverse of the term egodystonic is egosyntonic where the idea goes with our flavor)...the obsession in love is what is it a belonging to a parent? (mother in the case of male/me) take let my head rest on her thighs while she playes with my hair?? triangular theory of love...and all other theories in books seems like a a a piece of paper in the trash bin of a desparate lover's an elephant crying his silly sound in a forest....(why i said that i really don't know...does it symbolize something? i will see later)....elephant? i said elephant?....what the hell he got to do with the topic am talking about....oh...i may be got it....a lady i looo..(let me use the word I like instead of i love) a lady i like told me before days that her daughter got an elephant..a pink one...and she like to ride it...( it is a toy not a real one)..from that story may came that elephant in my mind.....and linked to love...sorry linked to after all i you think am mad? sorry i mean am in love? sorry i meant i like her?

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