Monday, September 17, 2007

who's working in the psychiatric ward?

apart from doctors (8 senior and 4 resedent doctor in psychaitry and 2 rotator doctors in general medecine) we don't have other speciallized personel, wehave normal nurses who are not different from other nurses, and sometimes are worst than other nurses so the hospital don't need them in IMPORTANT places like the intensive care unit or in the respiratory unit... so they gave us the least effective nurses to work for us...

i remember many times when i need the nurse to be away from the pateint, cause the nurse make the patient feels worst, and one time a nurse told me that he will hit the patient with his shoes if he keep shouting, i asked him why the patient is shouting, he answered: to not let me sleep!!!!

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Mohammed A. said...

Sad but true. Outside Iraq , the nurses are as effective as the Iraqi rotators.