Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Madani Salih Died in Baghdad (natural causes)

Loved by his students in Baghdad university because he present them kindly and friendly to philosophy. He even wrote philosophy for children in his well known work "Suad the philosophe", and Suad is a name of a female child who loves philosophy, and it is rare to have such books referring to females in arabic.
Names in arabic got meanings, and his name got a nice meaning: Madani means civil man, Salih means a good man and loves doing good things. He was said to be proude of himself and he sais that he talks to himself, or sometimes he says in the middle of a lecture: that what my friend madani salih told me!..

He was a man with great respect to himself and to others and to humanity and philosophy. He was clever enough to present the difficult subjects in simple words and shining phrases....

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