Monday, September 24, 2007

6 days 7 nights (free association part 4)

make a wish, you are alone in an island, and want 3 other people with you, whom you will chose?... that was part of the mental state exam for child psychiatry...for me...all the people I really love, I don't want them to spend life isolated in an I stay alone there? that island....well...I think I will notify the people I love about my place and go alone...and give them the chance to visit me...that will be good...yeah...I was thinking about that when I was watching that film of Harrison Ford...6 days and 7 nights...when he works as a pilot taking a woman to some island but they fall on the wrong island...and they spend some nice hard time is there first meeting...where she asked him to take her...

tey flew

they fallthey querrel

yeah.....i was sitting alone in the dark seening that film....remembered that lady I felt I love to her when I knew her online...and I asked her that question before sometime....she asked me that question too...well...i told her that i will go there alone and put a boat on the river which passes through her city and she can visit me when she wants..she remained silent and did not answer...i told her i will bring George Michael to the island...(she likes him very much)..then she agreed to pay me a visit

if she comes...i want a snake to go inside her short...and she cries for my help...and i go and rescue nice..

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