Monday, March 24, 2014

Erbil and EILTS

I was told that I can start a training in the UK. Something called the MTI program. Get paid and studies at the same time. That sounded great. I had to make some files. Prepare some papers. I had to have letters of recommendation. A letter from my employers too. And worst of all, an above 7 score in all the four parts of EILTS. EILTS had to be prepared in less than two months. The EILTS center in Baghdad is in the green zone and they don't respond to phone. The Erbil center responded but, since there were explosions in Erbil, young Arabic men were not accepted to enter Erbil by earth, the only way was by airoplane. 

You got to go to Erbil to inscribe (you must pay the fees so that they regard you as really inscribed) and then you go after about a month to "sit" for the examination, then you have to come again to receive the result. This is my result as received from the EILTS web site:

I think I did my best at writing but the score was below 7. I think I cannot do better, at least in the coming months. I did my best too in the Speaking part. I even talked about my journey to Algeria. Cannot do better. Will not repeat the exam before one year. I came to Erbil before two days to receive my certificate but the center is closed. Due to Newroz. Their telephone number is not working. I emailed them and they answered that they will open in two days. Well, I just sighed.

I don't understand Naom Chomsky, and why he has to do with Iraq. He talks much. He is really a linguistic. At large.

I prefer this man named ROBERT SAPOLSKY. His lectures in Stanford are free in the youtube and I enjoyed them all. I took some parts of it and re-represented it to students. They liked it. I become aware that I talk much Arabic during the lecture. I will try to write more here. Will try to hear more English too.



tracy said...

I'm sorry you didn't get enough points in some areas.

"So close, so close and yet so far".

saminkie said...

It is okay Tracy, I will try again in a year. Meanwhile will try to improve my language. Thank you Tracy for you visit. I miss you. Stay in touch.