Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yesterday I opened the T.V. and found Whitney Houston. That was strange since it was just the night before that me and my friend were talking about her. The movie entitled "Waiting to Exhale". I remember reading somewhere about the writer, a black American woman, Terry... Terry Mcmillan. The film was in its final minutes. I just took a photo for that final scene. Whitney Houston was laughing in that warm scene.

Today I was heading to work with this novel by Burhan Al-Khateeb entitled "An Appartment in Abu-Nawas Street". The story is about Iraq in the 60s when there was political tension. The protagonist, named Sami, walks the streets and read the newspapers about the tension between the Communists and the Ba'athists. There is war in the north with the Kurds. The police is searching for his friend the Kurdish, Hameed. Hameed finds a Kurdish woman in the street crying saying that she escaped from the north where there are heavy fighting between the government and the Kurds. She got relatives in Baghdad she thought she can stay with but one of the relatives took her this morning to the market and lost her. She thinks that her relative lost her deliberately because they don't want her with them. Hameed brings her to the appartment and flee. The police is after him. Adday, the third guy, is trying to seduce her. Adday is a student of medicine. Sami is a student of art. Sami is short and bold and now he is confused. I reached work while I was in page 67. We will see what happen tonight.

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