Friday, January 17, 2014

my friend's free associations

Since her death and he is haunted by her. He plays her songs for us. Do we know that "I will always love you" was sung in 1973 for the first time by a blond named Dolly Parton?

When that book about her life reached him, he starts telling us about her life. The book is written by her mother, a singer too. Her mother used to call her Nippy. Nippy, was her nickname. Nippy. It was raining today. He promised to lend me the book today. I tell him it is raining and we can postpone our meeting. He insists. He comes covering the book by his coat. "They chose her to sing the USA anthem to the troops who went back to the USA after the 1991 war. She was wearing a blue flight suit while performing!" I think he tells me that so that I value her more and more. He tells me about the USA anthem which is based on a poem talking about some rockets exploding, thus resembling stars. We google and read about THE STAR SPRANGLED BANNER. Then he types "Dodd street" in google earth and showed me the way she walking from her home to her school. He asks me if I know about GOOGLE MOON and when I say I don't he shows me the program and in a click we are in the moon. Do I know Von Braun? He tells me about that astronaut and about V1 & V2 and apollo and that ring which contain a rock from the moon he gave to Gina Lolobrigida. Lolobrigida was so famous. Like Sophia Loren, Orniela Muti, and Romy Schneider.  Do I know that Romy Schneider had suicided?? In a boat? Like her. In a bathtub. It was her husband who taught her that habit of drugs.

He always goes back to her. I love my friend's free associations, my friend who loves Whitney Houston.

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