Monday, March 31, 2014

Douce France

Yesternight I turned the T.V. on the TV5 Monde channel and saw a live broadcasting from France about their municipal elections. I like how they look. I especially liked a young woman in a talk show after the primary results were declared. I then read her name and found that she seems from Arabic origins. Najat- something- Belkacem. She is a minister of woman's affair. Well, a little disappointment when I knew her ministry. I hoped she is the minister of, say, Education... Industry... something like that...

An Asian looking man was also in the talk show. He is French too.

The new Maire of Paris is of Spanish origins.

I slept thereafter and cannot remember if I ever dreamed of something or not. But if I did dream then it must me related to France.

Douce France.


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