Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hilla Sweat Hilla

Marjan (or Margan)is a family name. This family is known to be rich in Al Hilla city. They helped the government to open a hospital on a land belonging to Marjan family on the river of Euphrates for the tuberculosis patients early on the 20th century.

I don’t' know if the hospital belongs now to the government of to Marjan family but its name is still "Marjan teaching hospital".

It is no more for the tuberculosis patients. It is now for general medicine. And it contains many subspeciality units.

There is no such a hospital in Baghdad. It is taken for granted in peoples mind that every thing in Baghdad is better, especially the services, and the hospitals are one major example. But in Baghdad you find that people are not serious. They don't consider being responsible on one's work as a good deed. They think that one should only think of himself and not others. Being honest means you are not experienced in Baghdad. Being selfish means you are mature and will be respected.

In Al Hilla, people are still respecting and expecting honesty and truth. That is why their hospitals are more beautiful than Baghdad's.

This sight, from that window in the corridor that takes you to the neurology unit, was a common daily sight in my life when I was working there. At this window I used to stand, alone, or with a friend, to have some rest.

How long is that palm tree. How calm is the river. I swear I just want to be there. Living in calm.

This is our small house of doctors, one of the most warm welcoming house of doctors I ever found

And this waa the site of our late eveing relaxing time, having some drinkings after dinner

Hilla sweat hilla.


Laura said...

Is that the house where you practiced sewing up the couch?

I hope you will one day settle in a place you love, Sami, be it Hilla or....?

3eeraqimedic said...

Ooof ya Sami
Mustashfa Mirjan!
I never actually worked there but it was my secondary referal centre when I worked in the provinces surrounding Hilla.
I know what you mean about the people of Hilla compared with those of Baghdad, they are (or at least used to be) less "harsh" and "hard skinned" and it was one of the saddest day when I was driven away from "my" hospital in Hashmyia all those years ago.
Our dar il atibaa' was similar to yours but from memory less green.
Lovely post, are you still somehwere in Baghdad now?
Take care.

saminkie said...

dear Laura, no it not the same hospital where i sewed the sofa... it is a much better on. Thank you for your visit Laura.

And 3eeraqimedic yes I am still here in Baghdad... we seemed to have some similar memories...thank you for your care and visit.