Saturday, October 11, 2008

Al Mishwar Restaurant

"Winters cityside Crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wind"

Going to Al Mishwar restaurant in Al Mansour was my favorite tour with my father and mother and young sister. That big screen in that restaurant and all those songs filled my heart with passion. Steve Wonder called just to declare his love while Lionel Richie answered with his magical heart melting hello. European final countdown to a modern talking were making brothers going louie louie louie letting A-Ha hunting high and low alone.

"I had no illusions. That Id ever find a glimps of summers heatwaves in your eyes"

I was crazy loving Susana who had just graduated from the Art school to sit on the sofa while the music was way down low while my mother was protesting helplessly: "you're too young for this, go do your homework". I took my copy book and wrote: when I look back upon my life, it is always with a sense of shame, …. It's a sin. A boy came from a pet shop and took my copybook and went west.

"You did what you did to me, now its history I see. Heres my comeback on the road again"

Boys in Al Mishwar restaurant were looking at girls' legs from behind. I was thinking they were looking at the girls' shoes. I still remember that I liked red shoes with high heels. I took a bite from my hamburger and took a look on her red shoes with an eye of a little tiger who survived the torture of his older teenage female neighbor and smiled. My mother told me to stop.

"Things will happen while they can. I will wait here for my man tonight, its easy when your big in japan"

The Cheri cheri lady in red took chris de burg out of his mind and scream: I'll never be Maria Magdalena, while Sandra took Madonna the innocent to la isla bonita where they worked as dancers in Kaoma band dancing the lambada leaving me viewing a song in the Iraqi second channel by 2 unknown singers singing in some unknown language "FELICITA"!!!

"When your big in japan, tonight, Big in japan, be tight, big in japan where the eastern seas so blue. Big in japan, alright, pay, then Ill sleep by your side, Things are easy when youre big in japan, when youre big in japan"

Those were happy days where my life was like a happy cartoon moment where Sandi Bell was walking hand in hand with Kuji who had just land on earth from his yellow space ship.

"Neon on my naked skin. Passing silhouettes of strange illuminated mannequins"

I got little older and scorpions rocked me like a hurricane. Bon Jovi was there for me when I get bored from all that screaming to offer me a bed of roses to put my biology teacher fantasy image and taste that poison offered by Alice Cooper.

"Shall I stay here at the zoo. Or shall I go and change my point of view for other ugly scenes"

Some Jazz refreshed my musical ears to let my brain FM radio find the wave of that Qween whose show must go on destroying all the pink floyd walls in front of those little dusty Beatles playing from my alarm clock at 5:30 am "yesterday" tune.

"You did what you did to me, now its history I see...Things will happen while they canI will wait here for my man tonight, its easy when youre big in japan"


tracy said...

Great entry, Sami. Isn't it amazing what power music has in our lives? What memories it can bring, what feelings it can produce? i am a major music many songs remind me of so many people...sigh.

take care, my friend, tracy

ps i love Bon Jovi!

Sami said...

Sure Tracy, music orchestrate our memories. When wrote this post I put on it what was like going to Al Mishwar restaurant in the 1980s in Baghdad. It was my first contact with Humburger, and with Iraqi flirting ways.

Bon Jovi is one of a kind. I love his songs too much like I love your wonderful comments Tracy.

thank you and take care.


tracy said...

A "Bed of Roses" to you dear Sami...and someday it will be "Saturday Night" for both of us...!

Unless we get "Wanted, Dead or Alive"

(Do you ever see that show about crabbing, "Deadliest Catch"? i love that they used "Wanted..." for the theme song, it is so perfect for the show.)

love and respect, tracy

Sami said...

Oh dear Tracy you made smile wide, what a BonJovian comment!!
Unfortunately I haven't seen that show you are talking about.

Thank you very much my friend.

tracy said...

i listened to Bon Jovi CD yesterday in your honor...what other gruops do you like? i'm glad you liked the post. :)
Be well mt friend, tracy

sami said...

It seems that I had the same idea yesterday. I had an MP3 with all bon jovi's albums till that album of "have a nice day". I don't know if he had a new one, but i have listened to his new song "make a memory" before months. I listened to them in your honor Tracy too :)

I like many others that I cannot count. but Pink floyd, Elton John, Phil collins are some of my all time favorite hand in hand with Bon Jovi.

And I would like anysong you like cause it would be Tracy's favourite ;)

Take care my friend and thank you for your care and wonderful comments.