Monday, June 23, 2008

Stefan Zweig

Today I bought the newspaper from Al Rasheed Street. They don't sell newspapers in some areas in Baghdad, like in the area where I live and the area where I work. So I felt happy that I can buy a newspaper. They even gave me a free edition of Stefan Zweig novel "Chess". I didn't know about Zweig. I only heard his name and I cannot remember anything about that. Today I knew how wonderful are (is) his writings. He was talking about 2 types of intelligence in that novel. It was great.


adifferentvoice said...

You might like this (from my blog) about Stefan Zweig and a short novella that I read recently by him called Twenty Four hours in the life of a Woman:

Beware of Pity is another fabulous story, and I think you would really enjoy it if you were able to get your hands on a copy. He is brilliant at dissecting emotions.

sami said...

Thank you Adifferenvoice for letting me know about your informative article on the Zweig. I am reading it now and advice anybody interested to read it. Thank you again. sami