Sunday, June 22, 2008

Riding Jeeps

This is another picture for these Jeeps that take me to my working place. The driver won't start driving his car till it is full of passengers. The car is not considered really full unless 2 or more young men are standing on the back. I don't like to consider myself as different from most of my society, so I decided that I must stand at the back one day. When I did that one day I was holding a nylon sac with some books inside. I put it between my legs and was ready for the ride. The street is not well paved all long. Believe me I was afraid. I decided I never repeat that. But one day the car was full and the driver stopped for 2 women. The young man who was sitting in front of me stood up, walked to the back, stood there. I knew that it is my turn to go and stand at the back to let the 2 women come inside. I and that young man were sitting on the last seats near the back, so it is we who should stand on the back if women came. I stood on the back and I was having a sac full of books and some clothes. The driver went so fast. I decided that the woman who took my place should hold my sac for me. I bent so that I can talk to her. Before I finished my asking she smiled and said "sure my brother". She took it from me. I felt that we are really brothers and sisters suffering from difficult time hoping that the future will be better and that these Jeep cars will be of history. But I am already missing them, that is why I am taking photos for it just to keep them in mind.


Anonymous said...

ooof ya Sami
You made me smile! In 1991 for a very brief period of time we commuted using any form of transport available, I never did get the chance to travel on the back of a "lorry" or on the "tomato cart" as did my male friends, and those who knew me still tease me about how I queued up in hope but was always offered a seat by someone!

saminkie said...

Yes dear it is a nice experience, I never been into a "tomato cart" and I really hope to be there. Thank you for your nice comment that made me smile on my turn. sami