Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Genesis of a Psychiatrist (SIGECAPS=maj.dep.)

When I first knew that I should know the criteria of diagnosis of almost 300 psychiatric disorders listed in ICD-10 or DSM-IV (we are free to chose one of those criteria) I felt that am not sure I want to be a psychiatrist. I got a very bad memory.
After 2 years of helpless efforts of remembering, (it was 2 years of forgetting more than remembering), I found suddenly this book pictured above. It helped me to remember the criteria better than my seniors. Better than all my colleagues.

A dear friend told me that she find it difficult to remember those criteria, and hence to diagnose psychiatric disorders. For her, and for all of you, I will post some of the mnemonics used in this clever book to help us remember the criteria of most important disorders.

SIGECAPS was devised by Dr. Carey Gross as a mnemonic for the criteria of major depressive disorder at MGH and refers to what one might write on a prescription sheet for a depressed, anergic patient: SIG: Energy CAPSules. Each letter refers to one of the major diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder:

Sleep disorder (either increased or decreased)
Interset deficit
Guilt (worthlessness, hoplessness, regret)
Energy deficit
Concentration deficit
Appetite disorder (either decreased or increased)
Psychomotor retardation or agitation

4 of those 8, with depressed mood or anhedonia, for 2 weeks signify major derpression.
The picture of the band Genesis came by accedent near the book at my table and hence the picture and the title.


tracy said...

Yay, Sami, i love neumonics for remembering things...very useful in EMS as well.
i have missed you and loved your former post, it was heart wrenching, so much so, i had no idea how to reply-so i didn't. i am sorry you are not so happy with you life too : (
But, the important thing is, we are here for each other.

sending much love, respect and tea, tracy

sami said...

Oh dear Tracy how I feel happy when I recieve anything from you... I will go right now and make tea because of your nice comment...
Life is beautiful with people like you dear...Thank you

3eeraqimedic said...

Dear Sami
Thanks for this, we are a bunch of mnemonic adicts aren't we from the bones of the wrist to the causes of neck swellings to the symptoms of depression.
Energy caps? you know what I prefer erasure caps.
stay safe

sami said...

Erasure Caps...I didn't think of that before... it sounds good...

Anonymous said...

how come genesis is spelled wrong on your cd? is it pirated? i'll be calling the cops.
olaf hong

Sami said...

Hi Olaf, almost all the CDs in Iraq are pirated. From computer softwars to movies and audios. Hope you liked my post. Thank you for your visit.