Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going To Work

This is a picture of the buses that I take when I go to work, the one in the far left is a mini bus named "Kia", the other one in the far right is an old Jeep car that I take as the last car to my work.

Below is another picture of one of the old Jeep cars. They were used by the old Iraqi Army in the previous regimn. Now they are colored differently by their owners. Half of them are not registered in the legal way, so they contain no numbers, and are not allowed to go outside some restricted area.

The area where the hospital lies is isolated from other areas by this concrete wall and no car is allowed to pass. The staff complete their way by walking.


Indigo-Daisy said...

It looks kind of scary

Sami said...

Dear indigo-daisy be sure that most of the people here are very kind and they always offer me help to guide me throught my way to the hospital...the problem is the camera is not welcommed easily this is why I didn't take more nice pictures...Sami