Saturday, May 03, 2008

Thank You Tracy

I still remember that day in Mosul. It was Saturday. I was usually on call every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. While all my colleagues were in their wives’ arms, me, the single, work on the weekend. It is known to me that during weekends the mentally ill relapses. So I was really annoyed every weekend.
It was Saturday. I did not shave. Why should i? all my patient are neglected. My ward is neglected. It was weekend so I neglect myself. I went walking on that corridor. Dr. P was walking on the corridor on the opposite direction. I noticed before that he doesn’t like me. He never greeted me before. I never let myself hate someone. But this one with his long beard, was challenging my emotions. When we came to be near each other in the corridor he smiled to me. How strange. He even greeted me. I suddenly felt that I like that man. I greeted him and walked stunned. Dr. Y was in front of me suddenly. He also did not greeted me before. But today he nodded his head for me and greeted me. I smiled to him and greeted him and it was really strange how I found my self I like these 2 men.
The working day passed quickly. I went to the library to find a book. But the librarian said:
- Dr. P told you?
- What?
- So Dr. Y told you?
- Told me what?
- How did you know then?
He said that and gave me a big envelope from USA, it was heavy and it I read the name, it was Tracy. Wow. She sent me the books I need. I went happily to my room. Open it. And it was a magnificent 4 books. I felt so happy. I shaved my beard. And I start reading from this book then change to the other and I was really a happy. When I went to sleep that night I said to myself: “ohh! I knew why Dr.P and Dr.Y greeted me this morning!”


tracy said...

Oh, Dear Dr. Sami,
You are forever welcome! i was sooo very happy to be able to do it for you! You, with your wonderful, kind words and most touching blog have done so much for me, i was very glad to have the opportunity to do this little thing for you! You honor me with your lovely thoughts.
With sincere gratitude,

Sami said...

Dear Tracy, i felt so happy that you comment on the blog cause i realy miss you. I remember those days back in Mosul whem i was publishing something then stay waiting your comment. Without your comments my blog has no meaning. For the hope that you will comment. Tracy you are a precious person for me. Take care of yourself.