Friday, May 23, 2008

Fish’s psychopathology new edition

Fish’s psychopathology is our best text of descriptive psychopathology we use in Iraq. I have published a summary of the book in my blog before about 6 months. The previous edition of the book was published in the 80s. The new edition was published in 2007. It had many differences from the old one. Here are some of the main differences I found in the chapter of DISORDERS OF PERCEPTION. If somebody find it interesting just tell me so that I may continue searching for the differences between the 2 editions.

I will now enumerate the differences:

1st in the change of intensity of sensation we can find more examples: anxiety and depressive disorders, migraine, hangover from alcohol, and LSD ingestion lead to increase in intensity, while attention deficit disorder and depressive disorders may lead to a decrease).

2nd a change in the perception of the special form can occur in schizophrenia.

3rd there are three types of illusions: completion illusion, affect illusion, and pariedolia.

4th 3rd person and running commentary hallucinations have been described in mania (not only in schizophrenia).

5th there is a difference between Gedenkenlautwerden and echo de la pensee. In the old edition there is no difference between these two terms.

6th a newly mentioned phenomenon called PEDRE PIO PHENOMENON which entitled a pleasant olfactory hallucination.

7th mention of a new classification of tactile hallucination into 3 types: superficial, kinestethic, and visceral.

8th organic hallucinations part in newly written with the omission of hallucinatory syndrome of Schroder.

And 9th a new section on Body Image Distortions is added.

I didn’t go into the details of the differences so that if you interested you can go and see it by yourself. But I will be glad to answer any question you like to ask about the differences.


3eeraqimedic said...

يمكن أصعب فرع بالطب هو السايكايتري و فوكاها ستميت ألف نوع كلاسبفيكيشن بكل امتحاناتي اسئلة النفسبة ترك
أن شاء الله زبارة الجار عدت سلامات صورة الحديفة و الصوندة حلوة

Sami said...

اي والله عزيزتي 3eeraqimedic ‎الكلاسيفيكيشن مزعج. بالعالم عدة امريكا يعتمدون ال ICD-10 اب امريكا الDSM-IV. اهداء الحظرتج لح انشر مختصرات (mnemonics‏)‏ تحفظ الواحد عل DSM-IV. الاي سي دي العاشر كلش ايشبهة. الصورة بحديقة صديقي لانه احنة ماعدنة حديقة. ومشكلة البارحة انحلت. شكرا جزيلا عزيزتي على اهتمامج. تحياتي. سامي.

saminkie said...

اسف ايراكيميدك على الخرابيط بالطباعة في تعليقي. شكرا على اهتمامج وقلت انه في العالم يستخدمون الاي سي دي تن ولكن في امريكا يستخدمون الدي اي ام فور وبأنني سأنشر مقالة عن كيفية تذكر الدي اس ام فور بسهولة وهو مهدى اليك.....

tracy said...

Such beautiful, beautiful writing, it must be very dull to come to this, but i am curiuos about the Boby Image Section.
Is there as much Body Image and Eating Disorder problem(s) in Iraq as there is in the US? i must admit, i do have problems in those areas and have had for years, i try hard to convince myself how there are much more important things to think about and do in life and i try to do them but nothing seems to top the thrill of weight loss, dumb, isn't it, especially with all the "real" problems in the world.
thanks Sami,
your friend, tracy