Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Association (part 22)

I went to another walk after just publishing my last free association this night. Am still on this same night. It seems that am too much alert that I may have again my insomnia. I get really annoyed how the insomnia comes to me. It comes night after night for about 3 to 5 days. My concentration throughout the day gets more bad and bad. But what is funny about it is that I made many slips of the tongue. We attended a lecture called “tool kit”. It was the first time for me that I heard about it. When we were going out of the lecture I asked my colleague this way: please can you tell me what literally a COOL TIT means? He started answering me without noticing my Freudian slip of the tongue. While he was talking I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying. I was thinking whether I really said that or I said it right. I didn’t say what I was thinking of to my colleague. I saw another colleague and we started to talk about the lecture. And am sure I did the same slip of the tongue. And he did not notice my slip of the tongue again. I smiled to my self. Well let me have a cigarette. Can I? ok thank you. Do you that I drunk about one pint of yoghurt just before half an hour. They say it contain something that help you to sleep. Was it lactate? Tryptophan? Both? Something else? I think it just start working now. So let me tell you something about my dreams these days. It is really complicated. I cannot find an explanation for them. I tried hard to find its meaning throughout this day in vain. And it starts leaving my memory am afraid. But what I can remember is that we were in a long paved way. Surrounded by a desert. We were about 5. I forgot about the other 3. I can only remember me, and a senior psychiatrist from al Mosul. We were discussing something seriously. And then came an old fashioned airplane. It was above us. a stairs made of cords came from the airplane. We started to climb it. The senior was before me and I started to climb after her. Wind came and her long wide colored clothes started to wave very hard. I became very happy then I wake up. Well I was really happy when I wake up and I felt like I found a relief from a big problem. Like someone said to me: you don’t need to worry anymore.


Laura said...

Dear Sami: Free associations parts 21 and 22 are both very beautiful--and you are a brave person to allow others the honor of being in your mind with you. Do you have a copy of Freud's Interpretation of Dreams? You might enjoying playing with some of the ideas in it....

(Tryptophan helps with sleep, by the way.)

It can be very hard and painful, how much love and death run along parallel lines....I do not wish to ignore the suffering you've witnessed and tried to heal; nor the suffering you see about you now. At the same time, some trains don't stop at every station....

Be well and safe, Dr. Sami.

saminkie said...

Am really greatly honored by your comments dear Laura. My blog get it values from the comments of readers. And to have a psychoanalytic psychologist from the US to comment on my free association is really something that I never could happen in my dreams. Am really lucky and greatly honored to have you comment on my posts. I revised the part 21 which was containing many mistakes in typing. I didn't consider them as slips of the tongue.
About Freud's book which paved that golden road to unconsiousness, i read it when I was at college of medicine in the 1990s. i will but another copy when i will go to the market in arabic cause i already saw one. They are republishing Freud's works in arabic these days in Baghdad.
Dear Laura I want to ask you about why love and death run along parallel lines. I remember I asked my self manytimes about LOVE AND WAR and whether they are related.
Another question is did you find a sign in my free association talking about DEATH? thank you dear Laura for your interessted and encouraging.

tracy said...

"Cool Tit" ????????

Sami, you make me laugh...!

Thanks, tracy

sami said...

Yes dear Tracy, it seems that I was bored during that lecture, and was thinking of something else!!