Friday, June 15, 2007

Do I love her (part 3)

can we love deliberately?

these are some scientists asnwering the question:

Albert Ellis Ph.D.
usually ... you strongly favor a few traits of your beloved....such as beauty and intelligence...and you firmly convince yourself that your beloved uniquely possesse them and fall in love with that "special" person.

Robert Milardo, Ph.D. president of international association for relationships research
romantic love may feel magical, but we learn to love in a deliberate fashion. can we learn to love just anyone? no, we need shared core beliefs and attitudes, a simplse foundation on which we build...

James Morris Ph.D. presedent of american association for marriage and familly therapy
"we were made for each other" is a romantic falsehood tend to obscure the actual work involved in creating love between two people. this work involves shared commitment, responsibility, fidelity, and mutual would do well to think more in terms of "choosing" and "creating" love together.


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