Monday, June 11, 2007

help me to diagnose

The strange stories always come on the afternoon….after the usual headache of the morning….& after a fast fatty lunch….i got dizziness added to the headache due to the shift of blood supply from my brain to my stomach and intestines….
Taking my dizzeness and headache with me…. I went to the ward again to see a newly admitted client..who was very quit and silent in the morning to a degree that we missed taking history from him till afternoon when my colleague had told me that one of us must go back after lunch to take history from him…I volunteered…

He was a clean handsome young man with stylish clothes and clever look in his eyes and very polite and calm and peaceful in behavior…. His story came like this by his own words:

Before one year an explotion occur in the street and some man was injured… I volunteered to take him to the hospital… and then in the hospital I saw many injured people and volunteered to give blood for the sake of anyone…the nurse was fast when taking blood from me…that was not my first volunteer to give blood…but the nurse was very fast because of the stressful situation by then and when he took the needle out of my vein I moved my arm and severe pain occurred at the site of the entry of the needle.....since then I got pain which is COLD…. It is coldness and pain at the same time…going above from my forearm … the left one…. till reaching the left shoulder … then going into my left side of chest then to the abdomen…. This pain prevents me from work….and sometimes from sleep…since one year I have quit working in the market as I used to do as a salesman….i keep going to doctors but they did not cured my pain…before four months I had dreamt of prophet Mohamed telling me that is I amputate my hands I will get better….doctor please I do not need anything from you….. am not psychiatrically ill…but I came to the psychiatry unit because the surgeon I visit told me that he will not do an amputation for me till I visit you…I don't know why he asked me to visit you…but I think you can help me by giving me a paper writing on it that am insightful and having no mental illness… and if you want me to stay so that you examine me psychiatrically it is ok…I will stay… examine me….but I want you to promise me that if you find me insightful and having no mental illness.. promise me that you give me a paper saying that you are agree that I need to amputate my left arm as prophet Mohamed told me…and I think you do not consider yourself more wise than prophet Mohamed…are you?

That was the summary of his story…and it is worthy to say that he did not volunteered to say all that easily…I encouraged him to talk and used many techniques of the psychiatric interview to let him come with these information…the history taking took about an hour but to my surprise it took away my headache and dizziness from me….during his stay in the hospital he was completely normal person…what do u think?


Anonymous said...

wow, what a story, what a sad young man he must be, deep inside, maybe he does not even know how very you think that is it? Or do you think him psychotic as well? Whichever, I feel very sorry about him and the millions of others who have such types of emotional/mental problems and may not even realize it, as it sounds like he doesn't. I mean, I have my own set of problems, but nothing nearly so deeply hurtful and disturbing as his. Please know I do not mean to "put him down" in a n y way, I just feel bad for him. What happened to him? And how are you doing? I am sorry that you feel ill so often, please take care of yourself.

Thank you, salaam, tracy bakestuff@hotmail,com

Anonymous said...

His story reminds me of how I felt after experiencing Shingles. I was 7 months pregnant when it happened. Afterwards, I still felt nerve pain and some discomfort. I wonder if the stress in him produced Shingles? Perhaps he is experiencing post herpitic neuralgia since his pain is focused on one side of his body?

Anonymous said...

Somatic delusion?