Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nightmare Comes True

Stressors differ from each other in their severity in the degree to which they affect us. Our perception of the controlability and predictability of our stressors, is important to us to assess the degree of severity of them. The more the uncontrollable the stress the more it is severs. The more the unpredictable the stress the more it is severe.

These days in Baghdad are very stressful, of the main causes (maybe the most important one), the uncontrolability and unpredictability of the explotions that start in the last year to hit unexplained targets such as a market of old clothes visited by poor people, or the street of al mutanabbee which sells books for the most peacful people of Baghdad: those who love art,

or explotion of an old important bridge in centre of Baghdad causing many cars of civil people to drwan in the river of Tigris in an never dreamt of nightmare, which all of a sudden start to be a fact,

or explotion in a bus station in a poor sector of Baghdad.....

When you see in the eyes of people these days in Baghdad you see terror, it is somtime silly to ask them questions that intend to assess mental state of depression or anxiety like: do you see life is beautiful? or is life worth living? caus eif one says no, you do not have enough evidences to tell him that life is beautiful and it worth living, adn here comes the worst when the psychiatrist become depressed and encouraging depression.

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