Friday, April 13, 2007

suicide in iraq

In Iraq it is rare to find an epidemiologic study regarding many things, and it very rare to find a study about the mental health, I was surprised that no study was done to know the prevalence of suiside in iraq, but there was a study by dr. Simon A. Ovanessian named "An Approach for Description & A Clue for Prevention" made in 1993, as you can see it was a long complex title that still I can not fully understand, but what he says that he was looking for the suicide cases which reach the baghdad foreinsic institute during a year from Nov.1991 till Nov. 1992, and there was 60 case from Baghdad only... and if we know that there are about 5 million people living in baghdad at that time, and that all the cases of suicide must reach the baghdad foreinsic institute, the prevalence will be: 1.2/100,000.....

But what surprises me is that dr. Simon did not mention the prevalence rate, he only gave us numbers... why he did not make the prevalence rate frankly?

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