Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hold On My Heart

Hold on my heart
Just hold on to that feeling
We both know we've been here before
We both know what can happen

 Got nothing specific to say. I just woke up from a deep long siesta. Hy head feels pretty good although a little bit seems heavy and dull. Actually numb. I have no feeling. No idea. Just like an animal. Like a dog walking around for no "reason". Just to explore or, to implore. To implore an odor or a sight. A light. A dim sun. As dim as a numb head. As quite as a summer afternoon. No sounds but a wizz in the ears. A slight wizz that you can only attend to if you want to.

 Hold on my heart
Cos Im looking over your shoulder
Ooh please don't rush in this time
Don't show her how you feel

I bring my tea kettle. Put some water. Lit the fire. Wait for the water to boil. And took some other pictures.

Hold on my heart
Throw me a lifeline
I'll keep a place for you
Somewhere deep inside

I remember some old incidents. Some old conversations. Actually fights. Verbal aggressions. Misunderstandings. Moments of tension. Moments of tears. Yet my face show no expression. A face of a statue. Eyes are widely opened. Blinking was forgotten. Actually not needed. A sigh comes. A breath in. The eyes close for a while the breath is going out. The legs finally moves a bit. A look at the kettle.  

 If I can recall this feeling
And I know there's a chance
Oh I will be there
Yes I will be there
Be there for you
Whenever you want me to
Whenever you call oh I will be there
Yes I will be there

I shut down the fire. "Shut down"? No surprise you took low marks in EILTS. Another sigh. I don't know the verb. I put some dry maron-black tea leaves over the water. I good aroma relaxes the air in the common kitchen of the dormitory. I go for few steps around til the tea gets... gets what? ripe? Ripe tea? You need to work on your English. Meanwhile, take few other pictures.

I wrote this while I was listening to Hold On My Heart by Genesis.


tracy said...

These pictures are so beautiful, i wish i had the right words to describe how they make me feel...a sense of loneliness and yet hope.Thank you for posting them.

I love "Hold on the My Heart" too!

saminkie said...

Thank you Tracy for the compliment. In Iraq we comment for somebody who is kind enough to say that something is beautiful saying that: "your eyes are beautiful, and that is why you see things beautiful." Thank you for the visit Tracy.

tracy said...

What a lovely thing to say. Thank you, my dear friend.