Monday, April 14, 2014

Did Solomon Called the Queen of Sheba by Mobile Phone?

I was in “The Book Club” last Wednesday in Kerbala. A new novel by Ala’a Mashthub was recently published. In that novel Mashtoub talks about history of Iraq. He doesn’t name them frankly but his protagonists seems to be: Arbaham, Ismail, Hajir, Hamourabi, and others. An old man commented that Mashthub is fabricating. Mashthoub answered: “I don’t understand what is fabrication, do you mean collage?”
Another attendee, Jasim A’asi, reminded us of a short story by Jaleel Al-Qaisy in which the protagonist flies in a space ship to Sumer and meets ancient people. A’asi said that the novelist’s duty is not that of the historian. The novelist wants to transfer the soul of that era to us.
Another old man then commented: “But now the question is: is it acceptable for a novelist to write that Solomon had called Bilqis, the queen of Sheba, by mobile phone?
That was such an interesting evening.

At home I was packing some old newspapers so that I throw them in the garbage and found "accidentally" articles by Ala'a Mashthoub, most of them about the body, or the body-soul dichotomy, and about Merleau-Ponty. I cut all the articles and kept them together so that I read them. I burrowed a book about the work and ideas of Merleau-Ponty from one of my friends who kept telling me that it is vital that I read phenomenology since I am a psychiatrist.

I think I got much to learn.

A good thing.


tracy said...

Hello Dr Samikie,

Wish you could be my Psychiatrist!

saminkie said...

Hi Tracy, Thank you for your belief and trust in me my friend. You are always encouraging me friend. Thanks for the visit.

tracy said...

Oh, Sami, i often think if i were in your country, i may not have any teeth left, from all the ECT...ha, ha, no ofense ment.

Please stay my friend, i don't have, only my mom's friends here in Utah...and my books!