Sunday, July 10, 2011


Louiza, I don't understand your language but I like you so much Louiza. God knows how much I dreamt about you. About being your friend. About spending happy time next to you. Next to you there above that violet mountain next to the sea. To receive the unstopped winter rain, to smell the spring blossom, to swim in your summer sea, and singing a song about time in Autumn Louiza. Louiza


tracy said...

Oh, Sami, my Dear Sadeek, i am so happy you posted .

i love the song, i love Middle Eastern Music! i hope you can find a Louzia! You so deserve to be happy!

i colored my hair black today, unfortunately, that doesn't make me Middle Eastern! (Rumor has it i look young enough to get away with things like that!)???

Best to you always,


saminkie said...

Thanks Tracy for your kind comment. I bet you look wonderful in your new hair my Sadeeka. Be Safe.