Sunday, July 10, 2011

Diary of a Worried Mind

Nature around you flourishs,
People go to the sea,
You go to your bed,
And navigate to sleep.

You nourish your worries with smoke,
You drink coffee,
You like the smell of Camembert cheese,
You go for a walk,
Got pain in knees,
Enter into a cafe,
Ordered tea,
Lit a cigarette,
To encircle your worries,
You meet your nephew:
"I want to go to the sea!"
He said okay,
He knew how sad you are,
He promised to take an off from work,
And go with you to the sea.

You swallow your dinner,
It started raining outside,
You let your clothes spread out on the rope,
You turn off the light,
Sat on the ground,
You drink apple juice,
Do your smoke ritual,
Play with your growing beard,
Thinking about returning to Iraq,
You run out of sleep,
Surrounded by smoke,
Nothing to do but to take steps ahead,
Even if it's gloomy and painful,
Life is offering you this after all,
You got to adjust your needs,
You got to keep the ember red,
Till it finally sleeps.


tracy said...

So beautiful, so sad. Sadness just comes like the ocean waves to us, doesn't it?

i wish you some happiness, dear Friend.

Your Sadeeka,

saminkie said...

I am not in my days as you know Tracy. Hope soon I will take the waves by swimming and enjoy a happy time at the beach. Happiness for all and especially for you Tracy.