Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cabaretian Politics

It was very long ago since I followed a T.V. series. Ramadan is usually known for its special quality of series in Arabic channels. They try to show their best. This Ramadan I followed 4 series. Three of them are Iraqi, and one of them is about the Palestinian poet Mahmood Derwish.
I will chose today one of the Iraqi series to write about, and this series is "Baghdad Beauty" which is about the life of Affifa Iskandar, one of the first Iraqi singers which started to gain her fame in the 50s of the last century. The series is exclusively shown in Al Sharqia Iraqi satellite channel. I liked you to see with me those pictures hoping to transfer to you some of the spirit of the series.

The real Afifa Iskander

Afifa Iskander in the series

She sang in the same cabaret in which her father, Iskancer, plays the violin. Known personalities attend to the cabaret to listen to her. Among them, Naseem, the British, who represent what the UK wants from Iraq, Bakir Sidqi, an Iraqi Army leader, and lately a Nazi German, who offers his country as a new ally to Iraq.

The real Baki Sidqi

The real Bakir Sidqi, see his moustache

Bakir Sidqi in the series

Bakir Sidqi's car in front of the cabaret

Bakir Sidki started to love Affifa. Naseem wanted from Affifa to reveal to him what Bakir says, especially about the Iraqi Army, and what they are planning.

Naseem, in the series, reading the famous journal, Al Bilad

Naseem asking Afifa to reveal secrets

Afifa and Bakir

Affifa reveals to Bakir Naseem's intentions

The Nazis in Baghdad

King Faisal died in today's episode.

After hearing the news of King Faisal the first's death

After hearing about the king's death

Haddad, one of Affifa's neighbours, working as a journalist is also in love with Affifa.


Haddad wrote an article that put him in jail.

Haddad's mother, to the right, complaining to Affifa's family about her son not coming home as usual

Knowing the Hadad is imprisoned, Mariam (Affifa's mother) is empathizing with his family at their home in a visit at night

Haddad's father, Ya'aqoub (Jacob) visiting his son in prison

Affifa asked Bakir to intervene and free him, and he did in few hours.

Haddad in his working place

Haddad, after knowing what happened, being jealous from Affifa's relation to Bakir went into rage.

Haddad. Behind him is a picture of king Faisal the first

I don't know if really this series is made well or I am just seeing it wonderful because I am longing to Iraq.

Sorry about not including the actors names cause I really don't know them but will do soon.


Iraqi Blogger said...

nice reaction between Sharqiya TV with iraqi bloggers
i published about other series in "iraqi bloggers" blog

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Thank you Iraqi Blogger for your visit to my blog. This makes me feel happy. I saw you blog and posted also some comments. You got a nice blog. Keep publishing friend.

NHS medic said...

Dear Sami
This sounds like another Sharqyia gem. Thanks for the pictures and the summary