Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I Missed In Baghdad (part 2)

I missed Mwnqithe. My friend. His eyes were full of joy to see me. He kept talking to me and touching me while he was taking. He kept smiling. He wanted me to go with him to his room to drink tea before I leave to my house. I told him I would go with him only after he accept that I took a picture for him and publish it online again like I did before. He said that he would agree only after I found him a CHEESSS (nylon sac) to take picture with. I asked why. He answered because he want to hold it in the picture and say CHEESSS because he is against the use of the english word CHEESE by arabs when takeing picture, instead he wants arabs to use the word CHEESSS which mean nylon sac. I agreed and we made this picture.

As if all the laughter we got was not enough when Mwnqithe asked me after we drunk our tea: Do you know what my Ph.D. research is about? I didn't know. He bursted again into laughter. And he could not stop. He was laughing but muttering a word in between laughter. That word was not clear but I get it. It was PENIS. He said it in english to sound more polite. His research was about some skin normal variant of the penis that should not be diagnosed as a disorder. He showed me hundreds of pictures of penises that I don't dare to show here but I chosed this one about differeces of penises in animals.

Oh dear, I really miss Mwnqithe. Thanks God I got such a friend. Wise enough to be little crazy like me. Yeah am happy am again near Mwnqithe.

Please be sure that Mwnqithe is a man with great knowledge of history, art, science, and almost everything. He is an encyclopedia. Almost always I ask him to open a blog. But he always answer that he don't have time. Pray with me that Mwnqithe will open a blog. Cause we will read some precious treasures.

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