Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our Ward

I worked, lived, slept in our ward for the past 8 months. I even knew the gost of Anna O living in it. Me and Anna O talked too much about psychiaty. She taught me too many things. She was my teacher. She only came at night when all others sleep. She don't talk. I only look at her, while she gives me a silent lesson. She says:
in psychiatry
you got to know how to use silence
silence is a technique of interview
silence let other speek more
and the more again
but don't over use it
She told me all that in silence. Speechlessly. And I was a loving student. Wanting to learn more from this lady.

Time came when I should go back to Baghdad. Am already preparing my self to miss this ward.

I made many lectures for my self and also for others if they like to attend. But it seems that students of psychiatry get easily bored by it. So my lectures did not get that success in the eyes of others. In my eyes they were so nice. I will miss the upportunity to make such lectures when I will leave Mosul soon.
This is charcot with a hypnotized lady in his arms in front of students.

Concept of schizophrenia was my first lecture.

Here are some other lectures I gave in this lovely ward. At last thank for all my colleagues and seniors who supported me during my 8 months course in Mosul.


dahmane said...

Dear Dr. Al Bedri,
you're going back to Baghdad? when? what will you do there? will you work in a hospital or in your own pratice ? or do some other kind of thing, like a fellowship or research? this comes as quite a surprise...please be careful, i worry so for you, Baghdad must be much more dangerous than Mosul. take care of your self and please give an update when you can...love, tracy

ps loved hearing about "Anna O".

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful clean Ward, so peaceful, amazing. I am sure you will miss it. Maybe Anna O will follow you...like a Guardian Angel!! Please be sure to Goodbye to Anna.
Suzy xx

saminkie said...

Yeah Tracy, but no need to be affraid, it is better now. thank you for your care. I miss Baghdad and i got to go.
and thank you Suzy for your nice words...Anna O is my Guardian angel? how nice..thank you...i will keep that in my mind.