Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I got a great respect for Egypt. They got the reputation of having great psychiatrists. Prof Ahmad Ukasha till recent years was the chief of the WHO programme of mental health (maybe till now). Dr Nawal Saadawie is a female psychiartist with many writings about sexiology and female psychology and some novels. Dr Yehia El Rakhawi is a well known psychiatrist with many writings in arabic and an active web site. They got the largest number of psychiatrist among the arabic countries.

I was planning to visit Egypt but it was difficult. I hope that someday I can get there.

Yesterday I was reading Al Shark El Awsat newspaper which was talking about that group in Iraq which thinks that Imam El Mahdi is living with us hiding in some place and there are some people saying that they saw him and they give orders to people saying that it is from Imam El Mahdi and that they should follow them with no arguments, they even should told them about their moves, even if some follower wants to go to visit his familly he got to told his boss first. Even when their boss walk they walk behind him. What surprised me that among them are some doctors I know, I get surprised by their beliefs and acts, feeling that I should said nothing about that, not giving any commets.

I turned the newspaper to the last page and here I found that Egyptian singer Souad Makkawi was died yesterday.
She has been known to perform monologues at the beginning that accompanied most artist Ismail Yassin, was also represented in more than 18 films. I remembered my love for black and white films since I was a teenager waiting every Teusday to see on the Iraqi first channel the night episode of (from cinema archives), and hearing all those songs of those nice tall well built artists with their always wide smile and joy. They always seemed coming from a time I never knew and I will never reach. A time of easiness and godness, smile and joy. All films (but 1 or 2) were from Egypt, the first arab country to develop well its cinema and theatre and litterature.
I started to compare about our youth in Iraq now and Egyptian youth in the 50s. Am not sure about what to say about that. What am sure of is that if I am able to chose, I would chose Egypt in 50s to dance in its cabaret.

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