Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It was with the amazing success of Waiting for Godot at the small Théâtre de Babylone in Paris, in January 1953, that Beckett's rise to world fame began. The play talks about two human beings in the most basic human situation of being in the world and not knowing what they are there for, the two vaguely assume that their presence in the world, represented by an empty stage with a solitary tree, must be due to the fact that they are waiting for someone. But they have no positive evidence that this person, whom they call Godot, ever made such an appointment—or, indeed, that he actually exists. I read that play and it made me feel bad a little, actually I went to dinner the evening I finnished it with a blunt flat non blinking face and sat like a statue of wax and eat the food with a machine rhythm without feeling the taste. Maybe am little exagurating, but that the kind of feeling that play gives you (Beckett won the nobel prize for that).

The basic questions for Beckett seemed to be these: How can we come to terms with the fact that, without ever having asked for it, we have been thrown into the world, into being? And who are we; what is the true nature of our self? What does a human being mean when he says “I”?

Everybody I think had asked himself these questions, but not everybody get depressed from it, anyway till scince can answer these questions I don’t think it is wise to wait with pain and suffering for the answers, me myself I don’t think I will know the answers in my life time.

Waiting…. Waiting for anything seems to introduce our psyche to a test…I think Beckett will get restless when waiting something….. waiting is spent (performed?) more calmly and piecfully by the Buddhists. Buddhism develop a kind of mental tranquillity, fearfullness, and spontaneity.

How much time can you wait IN CALM for someone who is not in time? For me I get restless fast, maybe in 5 minutes only, and I keep looking at my watch never believing that only 5 minutes had passed thinking that it was more….

I think am affected by Beckett mor than by Buddhism….but what happen if I wait someone in fron of this temple

I will start to symbolise this shape into things (body parts) that stand for the basic drives and instincts, and all this Freudian stuff… yeah…that can be this…and that can mean that….and oops we are talking about sex… and waiting can be good… yeah it can be good….


Anonymous said...

Hi Sami

It was nice to see your article "Waiting" after a long time. The pic is so beautiful and though its a still pic yet it speaks so loud... Oh... the patience, the never tiring eyes of the girl, so calmly waiting... for someone, something... Very Nice... Keep the Good Work Going Sami...
YOur Friend in India From Komal

saminkie said...

thank u komal for your care, regarding the picture, i don't know who draw it, it is from the internet thank you and take care