Wednesday, May 23, 2007

my first walk in mosul

The absent sounds of bullettes did not take long and came back to my ears.. gunmen attacked police station near the hospital on the third day in Mosul and vehicle ban was declared in the city and to my surprise my colleagues told me : it is a vehicle ban, a very good time to take a walk in the city, come on doctor let us go out..

I went with him cause he seems wise, and I was reassured when saw the high number of people in the streets walking all around as if nothing happened and children made the streets as a football stadium and everywhere you see youngmen with their plastic balls shouting and running in a chaotic happy way.. they are not organized, they do not like rules…

We saw an old minaret called "al hadba'a" which dates back to 1000 years as my colleagues told me.. to the Othman era..

We say many churches

Tomb of Younan prophet from outside (the prophet taken and then released by a big fish)

And walked in an old quarter of the city


Dave said...

Thanks for your posts, Saminkie-- I always enjoy reading them!

Mohammed A. said...

I'm in a point of my life where I want to visit every place I read in a novel or mentioned by an acquaintance.
And reading this post have saddened me due to the fact that the tomb no longer stands there any longer.